I'm here to help make the best possible version of your show. 

Through my experiences at BBC Writers Room, and later the BBC Commissioning process for my radio sitcom, I can offer a robust service to help get your project from its early stages to pitching to producers. I have particular experience in adapting Theatre shows to TV.

Together we will work on the structure of your script, the pacing of the story and the overall direction you are trying to achieve. Additionally we will film a 'sizzle reel', a short representation of your work, to help with the pitching process.

For a full run down of what I offer including finished samples and prices, drop me an e-mail to the address below.

Contact me: scriptservice@icloud.com



Sharon burrell - theatre producer

We always ask Stuart to cast an eye over all the scripts we produce, as well as review the artists we are working with on their stage shows.  He has an innate understanding of structure, asks good questions to get to the heart of what the writer is aiming for, and gives feedback in a positive and constructive manner.

Director of 'Old Fools' - Independent 4 Star Review
To The Moon Theatre Company

Lisa Maria Berg - 'The love of Stationery' (TV Sitcom)

"Stuart wasn’t just an aid in my dramaturgical work with him, he was an eye-opener. Generous and steady in a craft he knows well."




Alice website.jpg

Alice Devlin - 'Extra-CURRICULAR' (theatre)

"Stuart has wealth of knowledge when it comes to structuring, and he tailored his tools around what he knew would work for me. He really helped me bring out the story and gauge the right flow to my script."